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MOY Moe Scanlations

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[Scanlation] Let's go to the paradise
houroumusume wrote in moy_moe_scans
Title: Rakuen ni Ikou (from Boku wa, Onna no Ko)
Author/Artist: Shimura Takako

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I should read this Boku wa, Onna no Ko. looks interesting. Thank you!

Thanks a lot for this story I love all the stories from Boku wa, Onnanoko :)
Thanks a lot and Happy Lunar Year if you celebrate It :*****

Thank you very much for new release!~)


it's a delight to read, thank you very much for your hard work to share!!!

Thank you so much for scanlating more of Boku wa, Onnanoko! :)

thanks for more shimura takako! i really like her art style.

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