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Manga and One-Shot Master List

B no Sonata
Sonata in B

A series of strange, surreal stories from 1983.
01 Monotorogy
02 Topologie
03 A Looooooong Night
04 Pimple Pimple Little Star
05 To Love Again
06 A Classic Paradox Pattern due to a Classic Invention
07 Family/Private Property/Rise of a Country
08 Spring Random
09 "Portrait of Mother and Child"
10 Unaccompanied Sonata is Bb Major: Andante by the Striped Bus Running Solo
11 Tumbling Ballad
12 A Midsummer Night's Prophetic Dream
13 Beloved Remy
14 La Chateau
15 Random Thoughts
16 Communication Break Down?
Pigs Fall from Trees too
Fukuyamanga Rhapsody
Middle Fence


Ana, Moji, Ketsueki nado ga Arawareru Manga
A Manga in which Hole, Letters, Blood, etc. Appear

Collection of one-shots by Kago.
Shiro no Jyoukei
Ekimae Ankoku
Ekimae Hanbun
Kago Shintaro Koten - Shin Nippon Mukashibanashi Zenshuu

Boku wa, Onna no Ko
He Said, "I Am a Girl"

Collection of short stories by Shimura.
Rakuen ni Ikou
Shounen no Musume

Okite Saisho ni Suru Koto wa
The First Thing I Do in the Morning is

A gay boy is in love with his straight step-brother.
The First Thing I Do in the Morning Is 1
The First Thing I Do in the Morning is 2
The First Thing I Do in the Morning is 3
The First Thing I Do in the Morning is 4
The First Thing I Do in the Morning is 5

Akumu Koushounin
Nightmare Negotiator

Yumetsugu is a shrewd businessman who'll take people's nightmares away for a fee.
Nightmare Negotiator 1
Nightmare Negotiator 2
Nightmare Negotiator 3
Nightmare Negotiator 4
Street Stall
Home Visit
Don't Listen to a Mermaid's Song
Big Sister
Indian Magic Trick

Harukaze no Snegurochka
Snegurochka of the Spring Breeze

Set in the Soviet Union, the mysterious girl named Belka and the quiet boy Shchenok help a Socialist Party member to escape from the secret police. Their aim is to infiltrate into a certain mansion that holds what they seek, but the secret police immediately capture the two. Will they be able to find what they seek and endure the torture of the secret police?
01 The Squirrel and Puppy's House
02 The Squirrel and Puppy's Lifestyle
03 The Squirrel and Puppy's Dream
04 The Squirrel and Puppy's Blood
05 The Squirrel and Puppy's Winter
06 1918
07 The Squirrel and Puppy's Spring

Gensou Gynaccoracy
Fantastic Gynaccoracy

Collection of quirky short stories.
Memories of Omelettes

Boku to Ane to Obake-tachi
Me, My Sister and Ghosts

4-koma about a girl and her scaredy-cat brother who move into a seriously haunted house.
Volume 1
    First - Third House
    Fourth - Sixth House
    Seventh - Ninth House
    Tenth House - Twelfth House
    Thirteenth House - Fifteenth House
    Sixteenth House - Eighteenth House
    Nineteeth House - Postscript
Volume 2

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
Goodbye, Mr. Despair

This is a dark comedy about a 'depressed' teacher whose attempts to commit suicide are constantly foiled by his weird (and lovesick) female students.
Chapter 191 - Observation City
Chapter 192 - The Wolf and the Young Kid
Chapter 193 - God Was Swept Away
Chapter 194 - Hold Me Through Unending Summers
Chapter 200 - Long Reform
Chapter 255 - Because of a Hereditary Recklessness, I Have Been Seeing Always Repeating Numbers
Chapter 258 - Calmirror
Chapter 288 - In the Toppled Over Sadness

Volume 1
Volume 2
        Chapter 8
        Chapter 9
        Chapter 10
        Chapter 11
        Chapter 12
        Chapter 13
        Chapter 14

Joshi Kousei ni Korosaretai
I Want To Be Killed by a High School Girl

The story centers around Higashiyama Haruto, a high school teacher, whose dearest wish is to be killed by a high school girl.
Chapter 01

Area 51
In the American Area 51, there is a society where many varied supernatural creatures--kappa, vampires, aliens, gods and goddesses of various mythologies, mythological figures (like King Arthur), and more-- make their home. In addition to the non-humans, there's also a population of humans, people who can't live in the ordinary world for one reason or another. One of these people is Magoi Tokuko, commonly known as Makkoi, a tough woman who works cases with the help of her kappa associate, her deep knowledge of the area, and her pistol. In her office, which she's built in an unfinished subway station, she takes on all kinds of jobs (recovery of stolen goods, infiltration, etc.) from the many humans and non-humans who come to pay for her help.
Chapter 1 - Why are you guys so quiet?
Chapter 2 - Farewell! Mr. Vampire!!

Chapter 3 - You can't hold someone without a body.
Chapter 4 - Do you know the story of the blue bird?

Tsukinowaguma Koroshiya
Black Bear Killer

A black bear raised by the yakuza has become a liability.
Black Bear Killer

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