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MOY Moe Scanlations

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[Scanlation] Snegurochka of the Spring Breeze - Chapter 02
houroumusume wrote in moy_moe_scans
Title: Harukaze no Snegurochka 02
Author/Artist: Samura Hiroaki
A massive thank you to rusalkaz for helping me figure out the Russian names!

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Thank you ! The art seems really nice !

well..........that was a shock, this story is awesome and dark i was like wth when i saw her body.
can't wait for more


I'm looking forward to read the 2nd chapter, thank you very much for your continued hard work to share!!!

Thank you for your hard work again!

Thanks for all your hard work!!

thank you very much:)

Wow you're so fast~ Another great chapter! Thank you very much!


Thank you for your hard work! This story is really interestingg.

thank you for bringing us the second chapter of this story.

thank you very much ^^

i love your speed. 8D thanks for this chapter!

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