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FAQ, Enquiries and Suggestions

Can I translate one of your projects into another language?
  I have no problem with that, as long as you get in contact with the scanner and ask their permission first. If the scanner says yes, I say yes. If the scanner says no, I also say no.

What's your sharing policy?
  I only post to here and occassionally tumblr. If you want to post my projects anywhere, check the original scanner's policies on that. As with retranslations, if they allow it I don't mind. If they're against it, I feel the same.

Do you take doujinshi requests?
  I do, at my own discretion. I will not do pixiv comics though. There are 5 request slots and when they're filled, requests are closed. Please have the scanner's permission to use their scans before asking. Please go here for requesting.

Do you take manga requests?
  I do, at my own discretion. Feel free to send me suggestions at any time via the request page or private message.

Which series do you translate?
  I only translate series I know. I think you can get an idea of what series I'm familiar with by what I've translated so far, but if you'd like to know for sure about one please ask here.

Do you take commissions?
  I do. I take commissions for any written Japanese (manga, doujinshi, pixiv comics, magazine articles, etc.) and pretty much all content. Commissions are private and are not put up on Moy Moe, unless the commissioner wants them to be. For more details and rates, please go here.

Why don't you translate sound effects?
   Mostly because I'm just not good at it, and not being proficient at Photoshop it takes me a very long time. If I like a project enough I'll try to do it though.

Where can I buy doujinshi?
  There are several places to buy doujinshi online, though some of them you may need a proxy for. CQueen doesn't ship overseas, Toranoana does through tenso, and Mandarake does directly. If you need any help navigating these sites, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Why do some series have a master list/character tags/pairing tags, and not otheres?
  Once I've scanlated more than 10 books of a particular series, I give it its own master list, as well as tags beyond "series: ****". Series with less than 10 entries are kept in the misc master link and are only tagged by series.

Is there anything you've ever wanted to know about Moy Moe? Ask here and help me fill up a FAQ page, because I'm rubbish at it.
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